Kelvin – the Thermokennel

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Kelvin – the Thermokennel provides a well-insulated shelter for your dog to ensure a good night’s rest. He will wake up warm, happy, more rested, and ready for a good day of work or play.

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Kelvin – the Thermokennel

At rest, your dog produces much heat as a standard light bulb. Kelvin captures and holds this heat inside the kennel through quality insulated walls, floor and door.

This retained heat and warm kennel environment will dramatically improve the well-being of your dog. Its body simply doesn’t work as hard to stay warm, as it would in an uninsulated kennel where the temperature can easily drop below the recommended 15-26°C (AsureQuality’s recommended environment temperature range for boarding kennels).

Thermokennel benefits

  • High-end insulation means that Kelvin meets the latest insulation standards for New Zealand homes, creating a warm & dry micro-climate for your dog.
  • The one-piece design prevents water ingress while durable and UV resistant construction ensures it’s waterproof, wind resistant, and weather tight.
  • A raised plywood floor means the wet, frost, and ground temperature won’t disturb the interior climate.
  • Durable and rigid, Kelvin is made with an environmentally stable and UV-resistant plastic that won’t deteriorate or rot over time.
  • The Thermokennel has a removable front panel & floor for easy cleaning. The front can also be left off on hot summer days.
  • Through holes secure the kennel in place using hammered pegs or screwed fasteners.

The Thermokennel is one-size-fits-most – suitable for the average working dog.

The Thermokennel is not yet on the market, yet pre-orders are available for a projected January 2019 delivery.



Read more about Kelvin-The Thermokennel here  or visit the Kickstarter page to get in on an Early Bird Deal


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